Cooling Tower Water Treatment

We offer tailor made chemical programs to reduce or eliminate system scaling, fouling and corrosion thus ensuring maximum heat transfer and plant longevity.

Through our innovative products we are able to control bacteria and legionella, giving our clients piece of mind and risk reduction.

Boiler Water Treatment

Through feedwater pre-treatment such as filtration and water softening to chemical programs to reduce or eliminate boiler scaling, fouling and corrosion Diversified Water Solutions has the answers for industries problems. Full steam and condensate programs are administered ensuring the required steam quality is delivered.

Waste Water and Re-use

Diversified Water Solutions is driven to help its customers comply with all regulatory requirements for discharge and re-use of waste water. From chemical programs such as coagulation and flocculation to equipment solutions such as belt presses, DAFs, pH correction, Diversified Water Solutions has the experience to see your company meets its requirements and expectations.

Regulatory Water Audits

Diversified Water Solutions is also qualified to undertake audits to manufactured water distribution systems (cooling towers, warm and cold water systems) to comply with local and federal regulations.

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